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The Chinese Medical Doctor Association, North America Liaison Office and LifeSciences BC held a workshop on the Business Environment of the Chinese Life Sciences Industry in Vancouver, BC, Canada on Mar 25, 2009.

The 3rd annual meeting of Chinese Pathologists Association to be held July 24-27, 2009 in Fuzhou, Fujian, China.

The 7th China Cardiovescular & Cerebrovescular Congress to be held September 18-20, 2009 in Beijing, China.




The CMDA Anti-Smoking Campaign

Nicotine addiction is becoming a chronic disease that is affecting more and more people in the world today. It has received much attention due to its harmful effects and is well recognized in the medical field. Gradually, 6, 000, 000 doctors have taken up the role of representing a team against the motion of smoking. To date, the anti-smoking campaign, STOP, with the slogan ¡°Quitting Smoking Begins with Me¡± is beginning to take place.

The Chinese Medical Doctor¡¯s Association heads the project planning team of this campaign, assisted by various local doctors¡¯ associations and the Hui Rui Pharmaceutical Corporation limited. Additionally, this grand project has garnered support from the WTO Nicotine or Health Cooperation Center, China¡¯s Smoking Control Association, as well as the Chinese Preventions Medical Society. This project is a continuation of the Chinese Medical Doctors Smoking Control Proclamation, published in 2008. It is a publicly beneficial campaign that raises awareness for smoking and nicotine-induced diseases among medical doctors in China.

This project is to cover more than ten cities in China, involving fifty hospitals and one hundred doctors. The time period for this campaign goes from May of 2009 to December of the same year. It is to assist doctors who smoke quit this harmful habit. At the end of the year a conclusive meeting will be held, encouraging and praising the chosen doctors that have done an outstanding job in quitting smoking.

The chairman of the Chinese Medical Doctor¡¯s Association, Da Kui Yin expressed that quitting smoking and controlling the habit of smoking is an action that must be taken soon. By allowing the doctors to lead the motion of quitting smoking allows for more useful methods to be recommended, providing longevity for the public.

The Anti-Smoking Campaign¡¯s first initiation ceremony has successfully taken place in Guang Zhou Chinese International Hotel on May 13th. More than 60 specialist doctors attended the event.

The Second Anti-Smoking Campaign Ceremony has successfully taken place at Beijing¡¯s Westing Hotel on May 14th. Around 10 hospitals in Beijing, encompassing approximately 50 specialist doctors attended the event. The Vice-Chairman of the CMDA, Dr. Zhong Jun Cai attended and made a speech at the event. This event was covered by numerous media groups.

To raise awareness for the seriousness of smoking, the CMDA collaborated with the Shanghai Smoking Control Association to hold a discussion event. The media was also invited to such event. The CMDA Executive Vice-Chairman, Dr. Yang Jing attended and participated in the discussion.

The 3rd Anti-Smoking Campaign Ceremony has successfully taken place at the Shanghai Grand Garden Hotel on May 26th. The CMDA Executive Vice-Chairman, Dr. Yang Jing attended the event and received interviews from various media present at the event. This event was attended by 10 hospitals, and around 60 doctors in the Shanghai area.



CMDA Celebrates 7 Years of Success


The Organizing Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctors Award established in Beijing

The Organizing Committee of the Fifth Medical Doctors Award was founded on July 19, 2008. Mr. Yang Jing, Associate Chairman and Secretary General of the Medical Doctor Association of China, Ms. Lu Jun, Deputy Secretary General of the Association, and the departmental directors of the Association, attended the event and delivered speeches. This event symbolizes the beginning of the nomination for the Fifth Award to the medical doctors in China.


CMDA takes prompt actions after devastating earthquake striking Sichuan
Nipro Trading Ltd. and CMDA donated 700,000 RMB worth of medical equipment to Sichuan Provincial Health Bureau for earthquake relief
Smith & Nephew Medical Limited and CMDA donated 2,050,000 RMB worth of Orthopaedic trauma equipment to Hua-Xi Hospital of Sichuan University
CMDA employees donated 66,500 RMB to aid earthquake relief
CMDA sent condolences letters to Sichuan Medical Doctor Association, Sichuan Provincial Health Bureau and Hua-Xi Hospital of Sichuan University
CMDA chairman Dr. Yin sent his condolences to the frontline rescuers
Under the joint efforts of CMDA, CMDA First Aid and Recovery Committee and Laerdal Medical, 600,000 RMB worth of Emergency and First Aid medical equipment and supplies had been donated to Sichuan Provincial Health Bureau
Earthquake relief mental health expert advice hotline, 028 87577519 and 87527741, had been established
Taipei Meidcal Assocaition sent condolences letter to the CMDA

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